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Kennett Consulting is a professional landscape architecture practice and environmental consultancy registered with the Irish Landscape Institute, offering a range of landscape consultancy services to the private and public sectors. The practice is built on the training and experience of Chris Kennett, Director, drawn from almost twenty years in private practice in Ireland and the UK.

The practice’s philosophy is that our landscapes are living and dynamic, where change is inevitable whether man-made or not. We see our role as one of helping to manage that change in our landscapes – accommodating new development, protecting and enhancing those aspects of the landscape that we value and allowing our urban and rural landscapes to evolve.

Kennett Consulting primarily focuses on landscape planning, site masterplanning and visual impact assessment, geared towards the submission and support of new planning applications. In this regard we work closely with other independent project consultants, including planners, architects, engineers and ecologists, to produce a comprehensive and coordinated product for our clients. In addition to our own experience and abilities, we work in partnership with other consultancies to offer additional landscape design services and for the production of photomontages.

Service summary:

- Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (including EIA)
- Landscape Planning
- Site Masterplanning
- Landscape Design
- Planning Appeals and Oral Hearings

Further enquiries can be made using the email link to the left or by writing to us at the address below.

© Kennett Consulting Limited, 2008-2013
63 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel: +353 1 2544148  Skype: chris.kennett.la
Reg. in Ireland No. 459452 | Directors: Chris Kennett, Robert Blount


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