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July 2013    Kennett Consulting has completed proposals for the restoration of a closed sand and gravel quarry at Longwood, Co. Meath. Restoration will involve regrading the quarry floor, creating gentle slopes at the edges of the site, and re-establishing pasture across the entire site. Existing hedgerows are to be retained and enhanced with supplementary native tree and shrub planting.
March 2013    A compliance submission has been prepared and submitted by Kennett Consulting for a fast-food restaurant in County Cork, comprising a comprehensive soft landscaping scheme.
March 2013    Kennett Consulting has been working in partnership with JPH Architects to prepare proposals for the regeneration of part of West Rhyl, North Wales. In accordance with the brief from the Welsh Government and Denbighshire County Council, and under the direction of Pennaf Housing Association, a final report was submitted this month containing budgeted proposals for the renovation of 38 Victorian dwellings that to date have been in a dilapidated state and under multiple occupancy, accommodating a disjointed community with a large concentration of deep-rooted social problems. The plan is to return the dwellings to family units and to supply the current community with more appropriate accommodation. The remodelling and refurbishment will be to high energy efficiency standards, with Passivhaus and Code for Sustainable Homes Levels 3, 4 and 5 all under consideration.
February 2013    Kennett Consulting has prepared a compliance submission for a residential development in Flint, North Wales, comprising a comprehensive scheme of hard and soft landscaping.
February 2013    Chris Kennett is awarded 1st Class Honours for his MSc in Sustainable Development.
January 2013    Monaghan Education Campus - landscape works are now largely completed and the contractors are beginning to move off site. The building and landscape works are looking well.
November 2012    Chris Kennett is pleased to have completed his MSc in Sustainable Development at Dublin Institute of Technology. However, it's a long wait before the results are out. His dissertation is on the subject of 'Stimulating biomass supply and demand in Ireland : lessons from Europe' - a comparative analysis of policy, practice and progress in Ireland and Denmark.
September 2012    Landscape work has begun in earnest for the construction of a new school campus in Monaghan. Silverstream Landscapes and Annaveigh Nurseries are landscape contractor and plant supplier respectively. We enjoyed a spectacular day in Tipperary selecting specimen trees!
June 2012    Further information, including a comprehensive landscape masterplan by Kennett Consulting, has been submitted for a fast-food restaurant on the outskirts of Kilkenny.
May 2012    The regeneration of social housing at Dominick Street, Dublin 1, has at last been granted planning permission by An Bord Pleanala, with only a small number of conditions. The integration of the public realm with the future LUAS line / stop will be the subject of future consideration and will not delay the project further. Local residents will take comfort in a more certain future for this long-awaited project that previously suffered a major setback after the collapse of the PPP process for this and other housing regeneration schemes. Details of the project can be found here: www.dublincityarchitects.ie/?p=185#more-185 and An Bord Pleanala's decision here: www.pleanala.ie/casenum/JA0025.htm
April 2012    Having submitted a compliance submission for landscaping and screen planting surrounding a composting facility in Co. Waterford, planning permission has subsequently been granted for
February 2012    Kennett Consulting is pleased to have been appointed for two projects - preparation of Compliance submission (landscape design) for a waste recycling facility in Co. Waterford; and preparation of a visual impact assessment (part of an EIS) for bridge structures in Dublin City.
January 2012    Planning consent is being sought for retention of external structures for a domestic dwelling in Co. Wicklow, for which Kennett Consulting completed a planning report on likely impacts upon private residential amenity (including overlooking) of neighbouring properties.
December 2012    Kennett Consulting has completed planning compliance and tender documents (planting design drawings, specification and schedules) for a proposed school extension in Dublin 15.
October 2011    Kennett Consulting has completed Landscape and Visual Impacts Reports for each of two proposed road safety schemes in Co. Limerick.
April 2011    The proposed redevelopment of part of Wilton Shopping Centre in Cork has been at Oral Hearing this month, with Kennett Consulting giving evidence to the hearing on Landscape and Visual Impact matters.
January 2011    Kennett Consulting has prepared tender documents for an Education Campus in Monaghan.
December 2010    This month has seen Kennett Consulting complete its contribution to two housing regeneration projects for Dublin City Council. Dominic Street and O'Devaney Gardens were originally PPP projects and have since been revisited by Dublin City Council in consultation with the local communities. For each of the two projects, Kennett Consulting has completed the landscape and visual impacts chapter of the EIS and prepared a landscape masterplan.
October 2010    Kennett Consulting has been appointed landscape consultant to the design team for a school project in Co. Monaghan, for which the planning stage is imminently drawing to a close.

Quarry projects have become a regular feature of the workload at Kennett Consulting. This month has seen the completion of restoration proposals for a sand and gravel quarry in Co. Tipperary, including earthworks & volumetrics and the provision of new boundary planting and fencing. The site will put back to agricultural use.

Kennett Consulting has prepared the Landscape & Visual Impacts chapter of an EIS for a residential project in Portlaoise. The development will define a new urban edge for this part of Portlaoise and incorporates a series of complementary character areas into its design.
September 2010    A planning application for a new retail development in Blessington has been the subject of the request for Further Information from Wicklow County Council. As part of the response, Kennett Consulting has prepared landscape design proposals for the retail development, and for adjoining third-party lands as a potential gain for the local community. Kennett Consulting also prepaed a landscape and visual impact assesssment to determine the likely impact of the proposed development in the context of this former 'estate village' and the scenic surroundings of the Poulaphouca Reservoir.
August 2010    A second planning application has been submitted for infrastructure development (access, services, flood mitigation) within the residential Masterplan Area at Kilcock, for which Kennett Consulting has completed a Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment (EIA).
July 2010    Progress in now being made with proposals for two housing regeneration projects for Dublin City Council. These are former PPP projects and Kennett Consulting is pleased to have been appointed to complete the Landscape Masterplans for these projects in addition to the Landscape & Visual Impact Assessments (for EIA).
June 2010    Kennett Consulting has completed its inputs to the first in a series of planning applications for a proposed residential area on the outskirts of Kilcock. A landscape and visual impact assessment (EIA) for access, services and flood mitigation measures has been completed for one of the land-parcels within the masterplan area.
March 2010    Kennett Consulting has completed the Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment (EIA) for a residential Masterplan Area on the outskirts of Kilcock in Co. Meath. The masterplan area is defined in the Local Area Plan and falls within the ownership of several land-owners. With the completion of the EIS for the entire lands, planning applications and detailed EIS will follow for individual land parcels.
February 2010    A feasibility study has been completed for a proposed cycleway from Trim to Drogheda via Navan and Slane, following the Boyne Valley. As part of this study, Kennett Consulting undertook a landscape character study and defined a series of 'landscape experiences' along the route, based on the landscape's visual and physical relationships with the rich cultural and built heritage of the area.
February 2010    On behalf of the Heritage Council, Kennett Consulting has undertaken a review of the likely landscape and visual impacts of the proposed N2 Slane Bypass, which is currently with An Bord Pleanala.
November 2009    A planning application has been submitted for the redevelopment of Wilton Shopping Centre, Cork. Kennett Consulting is pleased to have participated in the preparation of the EIS at the invitation of John Spain Associates.
October 2009    October 2009 saw the arrival of Innovation Dublin, a week-long festival highlighting and celebrating innovation in the city. The Dublin Parlour Competition , run by the RIAI, featured as an exhibition in the City Council's offices on Wood Quay, where Craft:Pegg and Kennett Consulting were pleased to see their joint submission included alongside the winning entry and other selected submissions.
August 2009    Kennett Consulting has been giving evidence at an oral hearing for one of two competing retail sites in South County Tipperary.

Separately, a planning application is being submitted this month for a new sand & gravel quarry in Co. Offaly, for which Kennett Consulting has prepared phased working and restoration proposals. One of the challenges for the design has been the provision of replacement nesting sites for Sand Martins (Riparia riparia)
July 2009    Craft:Pegg (London) and Kennett Consulting have collaborated to prepare and submit an entry to the Dublin Parlour design competition. Dublin's Parlour will be a new public space central to the O2 and Point Village in Dublin's Docklands.

While our entry was not the winner, it is one of 27 submissions (out of 46 in total) which has been selected for exhibition as part of 'Innovation Dublin 2009' to be held 14 - 20 October 2009.

The directors of both companies have previously collaborated on landscape projects at Grand Canal Square (Dublin Docklands) and Whitewater Shopping Centre (Newbridge) while working at Tiros Resources and Martha Schwartz Inc.
May 2009    Kennett Consulting is pleased to be appointed by Dublin City Council as part of a team that will prepare a series of EIAs for social and affordable housing sites within Dublin City. The first EIA will commence in June and all are due for completion and submission by the end of 2009.
March 2009    Laois County Council has issued a Notification of its Decision to GRANT planning permission for a new sand and gravel quarry at Boley Lower, Co. Laois. For the planning application, Kennett Consulting prepared a landscape and visual impact assessment together with details for the working, restoration and aftercare of the quarry site. The decision has 20 conditions attached and an appeal is currently being processed by the local planning authority.
December 2008    Kennett Consulting is pleased to to be working with the Heritage Council, on behalf of the Irish Landscape Institute, on the development of a unique training programme for Landscape Character Assessment (LCA). A survey in 2008 revealed that the majority (68%) of practitioners who provide LCA as a service have never had any significant formal training in this regard.


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